Thursday, September 29, 2005

Robert King Really Is Donald Burney

It’s official. Lowly kingdom publish, Robert King, that ‘slightly disheveled-looking brother sitting at the back of the kingdom hall—you know, the one who makes the occasional, not-in-the-paragraph-comment during the meetings’ is a ‘true watchman of Jehovah’, even a prophet. Within his latest mailblog ( you will find along with many other claims these quotes by Mr. King:

“My work is all about speaking out; declaring Jehovah's future judgments--as contained in Scripture. By definition that makes me a prophet.”

“…the prophecy confirms that even though his message is not received well because of animosity in the house of God--Jehovah's watchman is true.”

In so making such claims, it has become apparent that Robert King really is Donald Burney.

No, not literally. Not to my knowledge. It has been reported that Mr. Burney claims to be the prophet Elijah, one of the two witnesses, and the Messiah, sent to declare the wrongdoings of God’s wayward people, Jehovah’s Witnesses. And so Robert King, aka E-Watchman, has become just another Donald Burney in this regard, a self-appointed, self-proclaimed ‘prophet’ of Jehovah.

Remember what Mr. King previously said about all the blogs written to expose him for who he really is, “Interestingly, like blossoming mushrooms in manure, numerous blogs have popped up in Blogdom this week, all denouncing e-watchman as a plagiarist and apostate.” And so one more ‘mushroom in manure’ blossoms forth. None are so damaging as this latest blog written by Robert King himself. It now becomes apparent that only the most disgruntled and gullible witnesses of Jehovah, who are looking for a reason to leave the organization will even consider what he has to say. And once again it has proven true that Jehovah does not need our help. He can and will expose those trying to damage the faith of his people, even using the person himself to do so.

And in proclaiming himself a prophet he at the same time proclaims the non-prophet status of the Faithful and Discreet Slave. Notice his words:

“Ascribing to the Watchtower prophet-class status is like saying that Jehovah used the kings and priests of ancient Israel to denounce themselves. It is an absurdity.”

Since Robert King has become Jehovah’s 'prophet' and the Faithful and Discreet Slave do not have this same 'prophet-class status', will it be long before Jehovah appoints Mr. King as that Faithful and Discreet Slave? Or Donald Burney? Certainly that would not be too absurd to consider, would it?

2 Peter 2:1, “However, there also came to be false prophets among the people, as there will also be false teachers among YOU. These very ones will quietly bring in destructive sects and will disown even the owner that bought them, bringing speedy destruction upon themselves. 2 Furthermore, many will follow their acts of loose conduct, and on account of these the way of the truth will be spoken of abusively. 3 Also, with covetousness they will exploit YOU with counterfeit words. But as for them, the judgment from of old is not moving slowly, and the destruction of them is not slumbering.”