Wednesday, November 02, 2005

E-Watchman Speaks Out Against Robert King

The E-Watchman once said, "Since most of Jehovah's Witnesses are not spiritually ill, why should you want to force down their throats a dose of medicine that they do not need? Shall we first cause our brother to have doubts just so we can save him from his doubts? Do you imagine that you know what is best for the millions of Jehovah's Witnesses who are serving God the only way they know how? My observation is that those who insist on telling Jehovah's Witnesses "the truth about the truth" don't know the truth themselves and are not really capable of imparting to Jehovah's Witnesses anything having to do with faith."

Robert King said, "For those who are inclined to do more to make this information available to others, I would suggest that you buy several copies of the book. I suggest that you give a copy to family or friends, send a copy to Bethel, give one to your circuit or district overseer. For those who would like to do more but simply can't afford to buy a book, why not email a friend or an acquaintance this web address and let them look at the information for themselves?"

Fact: Robert King is now insisting 'on telling Jehovah's Witnesses the truth about the truth.'

E-Watchman's observation: Robert King "don't know the truth himself and is not really capable of imparting to Jehovah's Witnesses anything having to do with faith."

Just imagine going to the doctor for a check-up. And although the doctor can find nothing wrong with you he still wants to give you an antibiotic. You decline to take it, but he insist. A struggle ensues as he tries to hold you down and force the medicine down your throat. E-Watchman views Robert King as that crazy persistent doctor. And E-Watchman poses this question for Robert King: 'Do you imagine that you know what is best for the millions of Jehovah's Witnesses?' Thereby insinuating that he doesn't.

But he did not stop there. Watchman continues in one of his previous mailbags by identifying Robert King as a scandal-monger, fault-finder, and even a partner with the enemies of God's people, even deluded to the point of imagining that he is serving God by publicizing the faults of the WTS. Notice what he says: "In the 50th Psalm Jehovah issues a scathing rebuke to those of his people who presume to teach others his regulations, but who, among other things, give away the faults of their brothers and are partners with thieves and adulterers. Verse 21 says: "You imagined that I would positively become like you. I am going to reprove you, and I will set things in order before your eyes."Jesus also spoke of those who would imagine that they were performing a sacred service by murdering his children. So, it is possible for some to become so deluded that they imagine that they are serving Jehovah by advertising the Society's shortcomings, when in Jehovah's judgment such ones are merely scandal-mongers and fault-finders and working as partners with our many enemies to subvert our faith."

And finally he condemns him as one who calls down evil upon Christ's brothers with dire results if he does not repent for his actions taken in this case. E-Watchman comments: "In effect, those who are disfellowshipped for apostasy are guilty of calling down evil on Christ's brothers. So, at some point each will have to acknowledge their error or face the consequences."

I have to wonder if any of the watchmanites or people on his site realize that even E-watchman himself has condemned the actions of Robert King to the point of saying that Robert King doesn't know the truth, is not capable of imparting any faith to JWs, is a partner of the enemies of JWs, is guilty of calling down evil upon the anointed ones of Christ, and is even delusional in imagining he is serving Jehovah in the actions he is taking.

It appears that the harshest words of all toward Robert King come from E-watchman himself. So next time someone complains that I am unloving and slanderous and always negative toward Robert King I am just going to say 'Watchman did it first! Go jump on Watchman.'